Learn more about WOM Communicaitons, LLC - a preferred Boston Marketing Agency for small to medium size businesses.

We are steadily growing privately held company and are always looking for a great talent. While we do not accept full time applications at this point, we offer part time and remote seasonal positions to college seniors, content writers, creative marketers and software engineers. We offer casual environment, a choice of working on or off-site, discounts to many Boston attractions and services. If interested in learning more about our opportunities, please contact us today at careers@womcommunications.com/wc

Open Opportunities (I will need an ability to add/remove an opportunity)

  1. SaaS Content Writer  – September 20163
  2. Sales/Marketing Internships – Fall/Spring/Summer

Please, forward your resume, portfolio, and salary requirements to careers@womcommunications.com/wc

Our Clients

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All Phone & Email Consultations are FREE. We only charge for the real work.