Solutions Overview

We strongly believe that purchasing a number of separate products, as such, but not limited to Traffic, Backlinks, bookmarks, blogging, comments, followers, rank improvements, paid search and inclusions, etc. won’t help in improving the overall site rank, but may actually harm it very much. In fact, if you do things without having a whole picture in mind and a process under control, focusing fixing some results, instead of looking for causes, you may end up getting your site penalized and excluded from major Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

On the other hand, not using what’s available there, and rely only on high-end products such as Google AdWords, may result in inadequate spending and still don’t bring you the results you are waiting for.

That’s why, we are not selling products and automated solutions – we’re selling hand-managed custom services. We do not plan much ahead – we work very carefully with your site, constantly monitoring all its movements and the environmental changes around the industry, and adjust our strategy on-the-fly.

Our Solutions are flexible enough to understand and change the direction at any moment, along with other changes. We do not require that you switch to any unknown web analytics – we work with what you have already integrated in your site. And if you don’t, we will suggest you a variety, based on your goals and budget, and make sure, you understand the product as well, as we do. We then, will help you to infuse that web analytics of your choice into your site, so we both may watch and analyze the changes that happen to your site once we took over.

Basically, we are becoming your virtual in-house internet marketing guru, who will strategically lead you through the debris of different products and solutions available to the market, carefully picking only those that will bring your site up to the next level.

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