Small Business Marketing

If you are a small business, your marketing budget must be very limited. However, it’s crucial to invest in online marketing activities for as long as your business is up and running. These online marketing activities will help you to:

  • Acquire more customers
  • Convince each customer to buy more products /services
  • Retain customers

When thinking about Marketing Strategy for your small business, do not think that advertising for 2-3 events per year will make it. Think about the systematic online marketing activities that bring you more business daily, not seasonally. Your b2b customers would benefit from easiness and flexibility in ways to communicate with them. They will appreciate that you thank them often for a reason or no reason at all. They will eagerly participate in surveys or drawings, as long, as you can offer them something valuable in exchange. They can become an active part of your created community and bring you more business through their friends and colleagues.  

For a small business, anything that costs less should be included into online marketing activities. Mailings, Web communities, such as Twitter, Facebook; local advertising, local free listings, forum and blog discussions, one-way linking, bookmarking, directories submissions, paid inclusions, 2nd tier paid search – just anything you can imagine. And if your budget allows, do not forget major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Your customers would prefer seeing your business on top of others in Search Engine results and in all relevant directions.

Of course, if you are in a small business, you have too many responsibilities already, and too little time to the activities, you don’t really know how to measure online marketing activities in order to understand if they really worked for you or not. We can help you to gain the visibility in search results, add more followers, improve Alexa and MOZ ranks, optimize SEO on your site, and if you don’t have any, create a practical and inexpensive site for your business. We will carefully lead you through the process of creating awareness and appreciation of your business and your products/services.  We will provide you with monthly reports so you can have a clear look of how the online marketing activities have been measured.  And, we will teach you along the way, so when you have a little more time, you’ll be able to continue marketing activities on your own. 

Remember: No marketing budget  is too small, as long, as it consistent!

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