Manufacturing Marketing

Historically, manufacturers always relied on their reseller channels and traditional print/off-site media advertising of the events. However, the resent studies show a solid growth of internet-based search for manufacturing equipment and services by direct decision-makers. According to a Forrester study, over 90% of b2b buyers begin a search for any product on the Internet. Your manufacturing company should be ready to get found. Your product is the best on the market, why should you allow other manufacturers getting ahead of you?

Even though, manufacturers usually agree that they have to make an internet presence of some kind, they still try to apply old marketing techniques to a new world. There are several reason for that, including, but not limited to:

  • Selling products and services, but not providing valuable and relevant information about them to their prospective and current customers
  • A believe that their customers are not active on the web
  • Lack of marketing measurement (no knowledge of what works and what don’t)
  • Lack of the right people and right strategy to implement new marketing strategies

WOM Communications, LLC provides with measurable inbound marketing campaigns for hi-tech, heavy industry, and light industry manufacturing companies. Based upon your business goals we come up with an exclusive marketing plan and proceed with carefully-monitored implementation of that plan.  We work with small to medium size companies to provide the ultimate achievable results through manufacturing marketing. We work with all kind of budgets. No budget is too small or too complicated.

Our Online Marketing Strategies focusing on Manufacturing Marketing include:

  • Business Development
  • Branding and Positioning of manufacturer and its products
  • Website transformation and on-site SEO
  • Collateral placements/Resources/E-newsletters, etc.
  • Paid Search Optimization and industry-specific  keyword analysis
  • Competitor Analysis and Site Contents Analysis
  • Online Awareness of Event through designated sources
  • Off-Site SEO, including Linking, Blogging, Social Media, and more
  • Creating of internet professional company image through LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, and other well-searchable sources.

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